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Voltas Water Dispenser(Black)

  • Easy To Use
  • Made in India
  • 1 year warranty
₹ 10,300
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₹ 12,999
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Voltas Mini Pure Dispenser (White)

  • Cold Water Storage Capacity [Ltrs]: 3.2 Ltrs, Cooling Capacity [Ltrs/Hr]: 3 Ltrs / Hr. Hot Water Storage Capacity [Ltrs]: 0.9Ltrs, Heating Capacity [Ltrs/Hr]: 5Ltrs / Hr.
  • Cooling Power Consumption: 80/86 watts, Heating Power Consumption [Watt]: 500 +/- 5%
  • LED indicator and No. of Faucets: 3 Number; Power: 500 watts; Operating Voltage: 230 volts, Hot Water Dispensing Lock: Yes
  • Includes: Water Dispenser and Warranty card
  • Installation Type: Freestanding; Material Type: Plastic
₹ 9,999
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Voltas Floor Mounted Water Dispenser

  • Easy To Use
  • Easy to Install
₹ 19,999
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Voltas hot and Cold Black Water dispencer

  • High Performance: The Voltas Pearl Black Water Dispenser offers hot, cold, and normal water options with a cooling capacity of 2.5 ltr/hr and a heating capacity of 5 ltr/hr. Water storage capacity is 3.2 liters.
  • Refrigerated Storage: The water dispenser is equipped with a refrigerated compartment of 15-liter capacity, providing convenient storage space for cooling beverages or small food items.
  • Built for Durability: Constructed with a long-lasting plastic front panel and SS304 inner body material, the Voltas water dispenser assures longevity and robustness.
  • Convenient Use: Comes with three faucets for dispensing hot, cold, and room temperature water.
  • Warranty and Support: The product includes a 1-year comprehensive warranty, with a toll-free support line available for any queries.
₹ 12,299
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Voltas Spring TT Table Top Water Dispenser with Three Temperature Tap and Compact Design (White and Black)

  • Voltas Spring TT Table Top Water Dispenser with Three Temperature Tap and Compact Design (White and Black)
  • 2.5 Liter per hour Cooling capacity. 5 Liter per hour Cooling Capacity
  • Three Temperature taps - Hot plain and cold with Child Lock for Hot water tap to prevent scalding
  • This product comes ready to use and does not require installation.
₹ 9,999
SALE 20%
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