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Livfast Bolt+ BT975 Inverter Fast Charging at Low Voltage

  • Fast Charging at Low Voltage: The Livfast Bolt+ BT975 inverter is engineered to deliver rapid charging even at low input voltages, ensuring your devices stay powered without delay.

  • Zero Changeover Time: Enjoy uninterrupted power supply with seamless switching between mains and battery, thanks to its zero changeover time feature.

  • Automatic By-Pass System (ABS): In case of a fault or overload, the inverter automatically switches to bypass mode, ensuring continuous power supply to connected devices.

  • Noiseless Operation: Designed for quiet operation, the inverter minimizes noise pollution, making it suitable for both residential and office environments.

  • Automatic Low Battery Protection: Safeguards your batteries from over-discharge by automatically shutting down when the battery voltage drops to a critical level, prolonging battery life.

  • Microcontroller Based Operations: Utilizes advanced microcontroller technology for precise control and efficient energy management, optimizing performance.

  • DT-6S Battery Charging Technology: Incorporates DT-6S technology to enhance battery life, ensuring reliability and longevity.

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