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CHILLAXPLUS Home Sewing Machine - Portable, Electric, 12 Thread Kit, White ,Mini Sewing Machine

  • CHILLAXPLUS mini sewing machine support AC/DC power supply or Batteries. The mini silai machine is easy to turn on with button or foot pedal (included). The electric sewing machine for home use is a portable sewing machine and the best swing machines for home.
  • CHILLAXPLUS sewing machine for home tailoring is a double threads design make the stitching stronger and ends sewing without tying the thread. small sewing machine has a speed button on the product to turn the speed in “high” or “slow” according to your demand making it a perfect mini sewing machine for home tailoring.
  • CHILLAXPLUS sewing machine for home tailoring comes with sewing accessory which includes 4 pcs bobbin, 1 pc needles, 1 threader and 12 Thread Sewing Kit which makes the sewing easy for starters. Thus, this swing machines becomes a perfect starter for home tailoring.
  • CHILLAXPLUS stitching machines comes with a foot pedal. It is optional to use it. You can either control the speed with the foot pedal or you can choose between speed 1 or 2 as per your convenience.
  • CHILLAXPLUS sewing machine for home tailoring can either be used with batteries or with the help of DC power adaptor. If you are travelling then, you can use this silai machine with help of batteries thus making it highly portable.
  • CHILLAXPLUS sewing machine is covered under a one-year warranty for manufacturing defects only; any damages resulting from misuse of the product are not covered.
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Akiara Mini Sewing Machine for Home Tailoring – Includes Sewing Kit with Thread, Scissors, Needle, and All-in-One Sewing Accessories (White & Purple)

  • PORTABLE MINI SEWING MACHINE with threads and needle box that includes 11 colors of sewing thread, 24 needles, 1 scissors, 25X Transparent Button, 25X White Buttons, 25X Blue Buttons, 2X Dress Hooks, 32 Color Pin, seam ripper, Thimble.<br>
  • NON COMPATIBLE FABRICS are Thick fabrics like denim, velvet and other thick fabrics. BUILT IN WINDING POLE and spool assist to rewind the bobbins when you turn on the machine, easy for bobbins replacement.<br>
  • Sews in a DURABLE CHAIN LOCKING Stitch. Adjustable Straight Stitch and Reverse Sewing - Practical Mini Machine for Mending, Hemming and Basic Sewing.; Choice Of FOOT PEDAL Or AUTO SEWING Mode - If It's Not Convenient to Use The Foot Pedal, You Can Set The Sewing Speed To Either H For High Or L For Low. Small and PORTABLE - Runs on Either AC/DC POWER<br>
  • SIMPLE INSTRUCTIONS: it is necessary to read the instructions in user manual before use sewing machine, knowing the right method. CONTACT US by whatsapp on akiara[dot]in for any further guidance<br>
  • Color Name: White N Purple; Material Type: Plastic
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